Wooden floors

In order for a wooden floor to last a long time and look good, it must be maintained consistently and with the right techniques. We offer maintenance of wooden floors from dust-free sanding to finishing.


Parquet floors

Parquet floors also need constant maintenance for long-lasting shine. Our dust-free sanding allows you to easily restore the original shape of the parquet, repair any damage caused during use.


Wooden stairs

Constant walking down the stairs consumes the steps. Therefore, the wear of the steps can be considered as one of the most common problems in old wooden stairs. Renovating and finishing wooden stairs is not much different from a regular table floor.


Gyms & halls

We perform maintenance and renovation on large public wooden areas, such as gyms or halls.

Spordisaalide lihvimine


The terraces built by our masters have a long service life and are very weatherproof. In addition, we also offer maintenance for various terraces to make your home look better again. Consultation first and then work!parem välja näeks. Kõigepealt konsultatsioon ja seejärel töö!


Installation of skirting boards

We have all the necessary skills and equipment for high-quality installation of skirting boards. The work can also be done quickly and properly!